Don’t Suffer Through Absences

Your employees are a vital part of your company, helping it to run more smoothly and efficiently. Whether one or a few employees are out on maternity leave, extended medical leave, or a long vacation, their absence can be pretty rough for daily operations. Although a temp employee can’t pick up all of the slack, […]

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New Year, New Business Goals

What Are Your Company’s 2017 Objectives? Happy New Year! It’s resolution time – time to work on new goals for your company! Gather your team, figure out what your objectives are in the coming year, and decide how you’re going to accomplish them. Here are some goals to think about: Profitability – How can you […]

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Calling in Sick to Work

  It is cold and flu season in Vermont, which means what starts as a sniffle is soon to be an office-wide epidemic.  While there is often a Catch-22 attitude toward calling in sick, you are really not doing anyone any favors by showing up and spreading germs. Even if you are not contagious, illnesses […]

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Keep your Workforce Happy

Simple Steps to a Happy Staff If you want to keep your workforce happy and motivated, your first thought might be to give them all a raise.  Unfortunately, that’s not always practical from a business standpoint, and it may not even be that effective.   Studies have shown that employees with a high job satisfaction tend […]

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